After Treatment


Listed below are some recommendations that we advise after our visit to your property to help contain and manage any pest problems that you have.

  • One week after our visit wipe out all cupboards

  • Clean down any spider webs

  • Clean out behind fridge/freezer and dish washer

  • Clean up any food scraps or sources ie: open packages in sealed containers

  • Clean/pickup any animal faeces

  • Remove all clutter from around the house and yard less places for the bugs to harbor.

  • Remove all dead insects and rubbish from site

  • If possible, seal any cracks or crevices with filler to remove entry points for insects

  • For Millipedes, turn all external lights off and cover windows of evening as they are attracted to light.


If you find that you still have a problem after three to four weeks then please don't hesitate to contact the office on 9274 6011 and organize for our technician to return.

If you have requested a return visit then please don't remove spider webs so that the technician can see where they are hiding